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Six Seasons and a Movie Art Show

Community’s season 4 premiere may not be airing tonight like originally planned, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have over 30 minutes of never before seen Community-related content! Here is the Six Seasons and a Movie art show documentary shot by Andulka Wilkes and Evan Koehne. And make sure to check out the extended interviews with Dan Harmon and Megan Ganz HERE.

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Have you seen him on Parks and Rec? He's really good
Uh yeah yeah yeah
Ok I lied, I haven't
What, why would you agree?
I don't know, cause I felt like
Very non committal mumble
It's ok
After they pulled us off the air I stopped pretending to watch every other TV show, like I used to be on Twitter, be like "30 Rock's coming up, woah Liz Lemon get outta here!" Uh, and then they pulled us off the air and I was like "fuck me and fuck the world", and I just started drinking a million quartz of vodka every hour, and as a result you have season 3 of Community. I also began the season by making the brilliant decision to break up with my 3 year girlfriend and near fiancé, so just like, I couldn't have been more emotionally unstable for this season, but it's fine because third chapter of a story's supposed to be the dark one, so if we survive, if I didn't get us cancelled, uh 4th season'll be great

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Gillian Jacobs: Joel’s great, Joel’s not a problem.
Dan Harmon: You’re not worried about his… he’s not eating.
Gillian Jacobs: Oh! He doesn’t eat, no.

Ken Jeong: Yeah, there’s a bit of eating disorders going on with those guys, I won’t lie to you.
Dan Harmon: So do you want to talk to them? Is that my responsibility?
Ken Jeong: I’ve tried, look, being a former doctor, I’ve tried talking to them and they ignore me and they call me fatty..

Dan Harmon: Do you worry about Donald and Joel, they’ve been working out a lot and eating very little. 
Danny Pudi: They don’t eat at all, they just do push ups. Really that’s the engine they’re running on right now. They’re just doing push ups and not eating.
Dan Harmon: I tried bringing it up with Joel and I accidentally just started complimenting him.

Dan Harmon: I feel… that it’s obvious… that you physically have.. been taking care of yourself more aggressively this season.
Joel McHale: Wow, eat that Seacrest.
Dan Harmon: …..

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