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Are you attached to a Community movie script at all? Would you do it if you were asked?
Depends on a lot of variables. Justin Lin would have to direct and whenever they came to the set, everyone from Sony would have to wear special hats shaped like dicks.

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Dan Harmon, Community creator, talks about being fired from Community


Dan Harmon. Creator of Community, writer, producer, drinker, and asshat, has now admitted that he would too fire himself from the show. “I would have fired me too.” Then, after admitting such a fact, he goes on to say why Sony fired him and how they’re going to treat the show, “Sony’s job is to take that shot clock and do whatever they can with it. They’re not going to hand the ball to the guy that spent three years losing in the ratings race and not turning a script over until I felt it was finished.”
After that, he goes on to say how he wished he had “
made a little more fun of the people I’ll never work with again” and continues bashing Sony. The only thing he’s worried about though? “Is the relationship with the fans.” That’s why he’s going to try to “please everyone” with his upcoming projects over at Fox and CBS that are multi-camera sitcoms.

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If you’re present at the time that something is being created than what you’re seeing is always going to look like a mistake. The definition of making something means that it wasn’t there before. That means that you’re doing something new. Of course, you’re creating something. In the end if what you get looks like just another TV show, good for us. It’s a derivative medium. Every TV show shouldn’t ask the question, “What is TV?” Like we wanna turn off our brains and watch TV. I think the inherit problem with big business television and movies is the executives. I think the problem is that they shouldn’t be anywhere near where things are being made because to them it’s always going to feel dangerous. They’re always going to say “sorry, wait you can’t do that. That doesn’t look like Mickey Mouse what you’re drawing.” Yeah cause I’m not done, dipshit. Of course what does it look like? Looks like 3 circles right now. It’s gonna look like Mickey Mouse in a little bit just shut the fuck up. Go eat a chicken or something.

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Unbelievably brilliant

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I have no doubt we’ll do our best to maintain the integrity of the characters and tell the story the way it was meant to be told. The thing I’ll miss is that-and maybe this is highbrow- if you’re a good sax player, and you’re making a good living in the New York clubs in the 1950’s and you start jamming with Charlie Parker you’re like “oh…I cannot do that. I almost don’t wanna play sax anymore.” There are similarities because Dan Harmon is similarly tortured and similarly self destructive. But the things that came out of his head were just things that you don’t do on a TV show. That was the amazing thing about it. That era ended. Fans of Dan Harmon and that insanely amazing brain…you’ll get more of that. He’s not going away. There will be plenty of content for you. The magical Dan Harmon era of Community-that ended, but there’s a new version of Community and it may be very good. It’s not gonna be seen by many people and the people that want it to be Dan’s Community may be disappointed but it may be great. It may be as good as parks and rec but the fans won’t care. They’ll say “this sucks.”
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