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I went to Harmontown again tonight and again it was amazing. The show was a lot shorter because there was another show after it, so D&D didn’t go on for too long but it was still a great show. Dan saw me and asked if my mom was there again but thankfully this show was 18+ so she didn’t need to come. 

Afterwards we went to the Whiskey Republic and got to hang out with everyone for a little while and they were all so nice! I got to talk to Dan again and when I told him I was nervous he said he was too. We talked for a little bit and he really is the nicest person in the world. When we were getting ready to leave I wanted to say goodbye so he came over and hugged me. 

These past two nights were incredible. I love everyone on this tour. They’re all so nice and wonderful and I had so much fun at the shows. I’m so happy (and still in shock) that I actually got to meet Dan. He is truly an amazing person.

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Tonight Was The Greatest Night of My Life

Thank you so much to everyone for being so incredibly nice. I showed up really early and was hanging out across the street with some friends when we saw their van pull up. My friend Sam dragged me by the arm over to them because I was too terrified to walk over. Dan and Erin said hello and hugged me and I was shaking for the next 20 minutes. Erin had us help bring in the merch so we could get in early and then we got to go down to the green room. Dustin came by and said hello and then Dan came down and hung out for a while and most of it got recorded. Dan, I’m sorry I was so awkward and nervous and couldn’t say much, but getting to talk to you was amazing

During the show, Erin brought up one of her old campers, so Dan brought me up and then my mother. He did a momma rap while we were still up there and apologized to my mom during it and I got to join in on the “Come on down to Harmontown” song. It was so surreal. The show itself was incredible and hilarious, I was cracking up the entire time.

After the show I got to talk to Dustin, Erin, and Spencer who are all amazing people and they all signed my poster for me. Dan had a constant line of people waiting to talk to him for at least two hours and he actually took the time to really talk to everyone that went up to him. He’s the nicest person. I went up to talk to him as the line was dying down but the people who work there were kicking us out so I just had him sign my poster.

I honestly still can’t believe any of this actually happened. Thank you so much to everyone who made this night possible and thank you Dan Harmon for everything!


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I KNOW!!!! I’m still freaking out about it!!

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Anonymous asked: you knew the book was coming? and helped?

Yes, I emailed Dustin after he tweeted about the Harmontown data entry and him and Erin emailed me back saying they wanted me to help with the book. I helped find dates for some posts that were missing them, find posts for the Community chapter, order posts, and format them. I still can’t really believe it all happened!

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Dustin Marshall and Erin McGathy thank you so much for the opportunity to help with this book! I became a huge fan of Dan because of his online writings, so I can’t even begin to say how much of an honor it was to get to help with this. I was planning on getting the book signed at the show, but then I opened it up today and found this and I haven’t been able to stop grinning yet. I’m in complete awe and shock. Thank you so, so much Dan and Erin. I can’t wait to meet you all next week!

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Anonymous asked: What was your reaction when you heard Dan Harmon mention your blog on his podcast?

Something along the lines of 

I listened to that part of the podcast at least 20 times the first night it came out. I was just so shocked. Someone who went to the show had told me that he mentioned it but actually hearing him talk about it was incredible!

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