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This is the thing that I think is the most important, profound thing. There are disorders, afflictions, whatever you call them…head injuries, that can cause people to like eating poop. There are people who sleep with corpses. There are people who get turned on by women stepping on their face. There are people who wanna fuck teddy bears. There are people who eat dirt. There are people who murder children. There is no such thing, there is no twisting of the mind possible that has ever resulted in any person wanting to be alone.
Dan Harmon (via levelfivelaserlotus)

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It’s so easy to be jaded when you’re in your 20’s. There’s kind of this weird culture to it. I don’t know if it’s a Gen X thing or if the millenials will phase that out but it’s just like that arms folded kind of like “meh I want to be an entertainer but I hate it.” How dare you? You have to admit that you love people and you want them to be happy. If your goal is to perform for them it’s insane to me that people can get away with being dicks.
Dan Harmon on KPCS (via levelfivelaserlotus)

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