Anonymous said: Here's that video from "Dan Harmon is..." gifs?

It’s from the Harmontown SXSW Trailer

Anonymous said: I thought Dan asked Jeff to be his best man during one of the harmontown shows?

I haven’t slept in a couple days so I honestly cant really remember….sorry!

Anonymous said: in which episode does community reference citizen kane? the rosebud.. something like that. do you remember? it's killing me and i just can't recall it

Can someone help?

Anonymous said: Time to start a kick starter to send you to dan and Erin's wedding!

Haha I appreciate the sentiment, but I think Dan and Erin could do without me at their wedding.

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Anonymous said: Just curious, there was a picture released awhile ago, just catching up on my harmontown now, back when they were on harmontour in madison of Jeff essentially sitting on Dan's face... just wondering if you had any context as to how that came about haha (for some reason it is really bugging me that I can't find this out lol)

Ahh, I’m sorry I never answered this! I’m pretty sure it just happened in the last 2 minutes or so of that show while Dan was rapping. I don’t think there was really a lot of context to it

Anonymous said: Do you have a tag for all the Dan, Erin etc. as Jareth stuff. I wanted to share them with someone.

I don’t, but if you go into my archive and go to October of last year there’s a bunch of pictures

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Anonymous said: any idea why its been so long since the last harmontown??

There was no Harmontown last week because Dan was in NYC for Comic Con

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Anonymous said: Dan's Dancing baby moves on the backdrops are amazing haha great job, love it! - @AFchris77


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Anonymous said: omg the moon he would love that!!

Haha I had to do the moon

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Anonymous said: I'm looking for two things Harmon. You being the curator you are, I was wondering if you could help. 1) What is the context of the "toothpick, cute!" gif, and do you know where I can see it? 2) and this is the one I really care about, where can I find his "You'll be perfect when you're dead" blog entry. Not the book, just the entry that the book is named after. All I can find is just what I'm assuming is the closing paragraph that opens with "And that's why I'm writing you".

1) The toothpick cute gif is from this video. It’s behind the scenes of the Christmas music episode of Community.

2) The quote is from one of his myspace blog entries. I guess you can’t find it on myspace anymore but I have it. I’ll upload it as a separate photoset so hopefully you can read it better.

Anonymous said: Hi :) I asked about HarmonQuest and I realised I forgot to thank you... Thanks! :D

No problem!

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Anonymous said: Hey there, I was just wondering if you knew what HarmonQuest is? I only started listening to the podcasts about a month ago and I've been going through them from the start, I think I'm up to 50 odd. I tried looking into HarmonQuest but couldn't really find a clear description. Is it a one off thing? Or like, has the podcast D&D been moved there? Is it a seperate podcast? Or just a live show?

Harmonquest is this thing they’re doing at Cinefamily. They’re doing a separate D&D campaign that they’re recording and they’re going to stop motion animate it. They’ve done one recording and so far and they’re doing more throughout the rest of August. They have special guests and they show movies as well. But yeah, it’s not a podcast but it will be animated which is going to be so awesome!

Anonymous said: I remember Dan and Erin talking about how they met, and there being something about subscribing to a free service of getting drinks platonically with dan? I dont know the exact quote. Do you know where I could find that?

Sorry anon, I’ve been trying to find it but I don’t remember what podcast it was on. Does anyone else know where to find it?

Anonymous said: If Spencer doesn't make a cameo in that episode, I will riot.

Agreed! I so want it to happen #Spenceroncommunity 

Anonymous said: what episode is it where quark bangs the horse?

Sorry it took so long to get back to you anon! It’s episode 45: “Dan Took a Shower”