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The things that came out of his[Dan’s] head were things that you just don’t do on a tv show and that was the amazing thing about it…that era ended, fans of Dan Harmon and his insanely amazing brain, you’ll get more of that. He’s not going anywhere you’ll see, there’ll be plenty of content for you.
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I have no doubt we’ll do our best to maintain the integrity of the characters and tell the story the way it was meant to be told. The thing I’ll miss is that-and maybe this is highbrow- if you’re a good sax player, and you’re making a good living in the New York clubs in the 1950’s and you start jamming with Charlie Parker you’re like “oh…I cannot do that. I almost don’t wanna play sax anymore.” There are similarities because Dan Harmon is similarly tortured and similarly self destructive. But the things that came out of his head were just things that you don’t do on a TV show. That was the amazing thing about it. That era ended. Fans of Dan Harmon and that insanely amazing brain…you’ll get more of that. He’s not going away. There will be plenty of content for you. The magical Dan Harmon era of Community-that ended, but there’s a new version of Community and it may be very good. It’s not gonna be seen by many people and the people that want it to be Dan’s Community may be disappointed but it may be great. It may be as good as parks and rec but the fans won’t care. They’ll say “this sucks.”
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