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Dan Harmon is a genius

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If the only thing that we leave on the air are the things that have high ratings, we’re all going to die. We have to stop measuring these things as if they’re competing with each other. There are 8,000 of them. There are 8,000 ways to watch them. There are 250 million people watching them any way they want to – on their wristwatches, on their shoelaces, on their laptops. They binge watch seasons. They subscribe to Netflix. They get together for parties and watch two shows at the same time on a split screen while they play their Xbox. And then with the other hand they get on Twitter and ask the show runner why he hasn’t done an episode with a yellow hat in it. And three episodes later, the show’s got a fucking yellow hat in it because everything has changed since “I Love” fucking “Lucy” except the goddamn Nielsen boxes. It is insane.
Dan Harmon on the Nielsen rating system in the digital age

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Harmontown - Ice-T hosts Dungeons and Dragons 

Excerpt from Dan Harmon’s Podcast “Harmontown”. Episode 96.

In the absence of Spencer (Harmontown’s Dungeon Master), the gang improvises a new adventure. Jeff Bryan Davis, Erin McGathy and Mitch Hurtwitz take on new characters while Dan serves as Dungeon Master, summoning his best Ice-T impression.

All rights belong to Harmontown: http://goo.gl/BzcES2

This was one of my favorite Harmontown moments. I love dungeon master Ice-T

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